ALLMI Promoting Industry Careers

5th July 2022

ALLMI Promoting Industry Careers

The UK lorry loader industry plays a pivotal role in facilitating the activities of a wide range of sectors that are crucial to the economy, from construction, infrastructure, telecommunications and agriculture, through to transportation, retail and utilities, as well as many more.  The industry is rapidly evolving, with crane manufacturers using increasingly innovative solutions to enhance product application and safety, adopting the latest technologies in engineering, electrics and telematics.  

With such an extensive skill-base required to continue the industry’s success, numerous opportunities exist for hard-working, ambitious individuals wanting to make a real and direct impact in a progressive employment environment that nurtures and rewards talent. 

In a sector where safety, professionalism and innovation are paramount, ALLMI members lead the way and all would welcome ‘speculative applications’ for employment.  

Alternatively, if you represent an educational institution and would be interested in partnership working, ALLMI would be pleased to hear from you. 

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ALLMI Safety Videos & Guidance Documents   

One of the key objectives of GLAD is to bring together Associations and other parties in the interests of sharing material on safety and good practice.  With this in mind, GLAD partner organisation, ALLMI, has been highlighting the benefits of its safety related videos and guidance documents.

Looking at various aspects of lorry loader use, ‘ALLMI TV’ contains videos on the lifting team hierarchy, pre-operational checks, safe use of remote controls and stowing for travel.  The videos are freely available and can be found at:   

ALLMI’s website is also home to the Associations ‘Guidance Note’ series, a set of over 30 documents covering a wide range of lorry loader related issues.  A variety of other guidance documents are also available, resulting from numerous campaigns run by ALLMI. Topics include:

  • Lorry loader documentation
  • Working near overhead powerlines
  • Deployment of stabiliser legs
  • Swing up stabilisers
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Lorry loader operation
  • Use of remote controls
  • Lifting of hot tubs
  • Securing the loader crane for travel


To access ALLMI’s guidance documents, please visit: