Be GLAD on 9 July

6th March 2020

Be GLAD on 9 July

LEEA members are invited to take part in GLOBAL LIFTING AWARENESS DAY – #GLAD2020 – on 9 July 2020. GLAD will be a chance for members to take to social media and spread the word about raising standards throughout the global lifting industry and to end user markets.

“LEEA is proud to be taking part in what will be a very important day for the global Lifting Industry,” says Ross Moloney. “Working with industry media representatives LHI magazine and Bridger Howes, we wish to encourage other associations and sector stakeholders to generate awareness of lifting standards, best practice and lifting’s vital role in end user supply chains.

“Raising standards worldwide is an important part of LEEA’s vision, which means the association must broadcast its messages and win arguments internationally. To this end, LEEA has been working hard to raise its profile. The Parliamentary Reception, revamping The Lifting Engineer, launching the LEEA Bulletin and engaging with the global trade press have all contributed significantly to the international push. Now, we wish to take a step further with this set piece day in which all of our members can get involved.”

LEEA members are encouraged to take to social media on 9 July to share messages that drive home the vital role lifting plays in so many supply chains, and that best practice is critical to avoid risk of injury. They can share LEEA resources such as the Think Lifting films, articles, LEEA Guidance documents and the COPSULE as well as their own examples of good practice. There are many examples of what and what not to do out there on the Internet – you may wish to post some of the more amusing examples of poor practice.

“All too often our members are hidden, ignored or unrecognised by end users and certainly by some of the supply chains that we serve,” says Ross Moloney. “Global Lifting Awareness Day is about getting the whole industry and the associated supply chains to recognise the importance of high standards in lifting, the significance of quality and how to ensure lifting best practice.

“It has been great working with Guy Harris of LHI magazine and Mark Bridger of Bridger Howes to bring this to life. GLAD on 9 July 2020 will be a big day for our industry and LEEA members will play a vital part. So make sure it’s in your diary and let’s raise global awareness of high quality lifting practice – not forgetting to add #GLAD2020 to it.“