Latest LEEA activities for GLAD

21st June 2022

Latest LEEA activities for GLAD

Among the latest news on LEEA activities for GLAD, following on from the morning’s entertainment sector webinar, in the afternoon of 7 July, at 14:00-14:30 (BST), Ben Dobbs, Head of LEEA technical services will deliver a webinar on the implications due to changes in the Machinery Directive.

Other LEEA highlights to Mark #GLAD2022 include the launch of the Association’s new state-of-the-art Learner Management System available in English, Bahasa, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic. There will be a demonstration from Tom Newton, CEO of Nucleus Learning, which has developed this system for, and on behalf of, LEEA. During the demonstration there will be look also at how LEEA's Learning & Development delivery has evolved over the years.

LEEA’s Technical Team will issue a video on the Triage system and the valuable benefits it brings to LEEA members and the industry. The day will also see a discussion between Ross Moloney, CEO of LEEA, and Sarah Chew, Managing Director of TechFest, on the collaborative school engagement drive planned for LiftEx 2022.

Finally, for now, there will be the release of CPD (Continuing Personal Development) links for the Introduction to Lifting Equipment course, which is aimed at new entrants to the sector (for LEEA members only) and End User Guidance course (open to LEEA members and non-members).