Global Lifting Awareness Day 2023

13th July 2023

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About GLAD

Like all the best ideas, GLAD can trace its origins to a conversation at a trade exhibition. A Trade Association, a PR Firm and a magazine publisher discussed the challenges facing lifting industries across the world.  Common ground was found and the Global Lifting Awareness Day was born.

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#GLAD2023 Turns to Individuals, End Users

Driven by LEEA, #GLAD2023 will again bring together all industry stakeholders, including manufacturers and suppliers, but end users are a prime target as the concept strives to promote safe and high quality load lifting.

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#GLAD2023 Scheduled for 13 July

The fourth Global Lifting Awareness Day – #GLAD2023 – will take place on Thursday 13 July.

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A global response for the announcement of #GLAD2023

Following the announcement of #GLAD2023 there has been an incredible global response....

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12:15, 08 Jun 2023

Invitation to Tender 🫵 State of the Sector Report ➡️ Help our members understand emerging themes ➡️ Benchmark where they fit ➡️ Help the association make arguments to stakeholders…

11:52, 08 Jun 2023… #GLAD2023 Turns to Individuals, End Users @LEEA_INT Retweeted by LEEA

11:52, 08 Jun 2023

Thank you for the continued support, @Ind_today #GLAD2023

08:25, 08 Jun 2023

Watch our film explaining why the #COPSULE is an essential guide to all involved in #lifting 🎥

07:55, 08 Jun 2023

Contribute to #GLAD2023

12:15, 07 Jun 2023

Entering our annual awards is easy — and you can enter multiple categories. Full details ⤵️… 🏆

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Our courses

08:05, 07 Jun 2023

'We need to be better at recognising that we are competing for the next generation, and in developing pathways allowing people to join us' — Ross Moloney, CEO. #GLAD2023

11:50, 06 Jun 2023

Several award categories recognise outstanding individuals from LEEA’s membership and the achievements of personnel teams 🏆 ⤵️ ➡️ Rising Star 🤩 ➡️ Industry Leader ➡️ #Lifting Equipment Technician ➡️ Trainer ➡️ People Development Enter today ⤵️

08:52, 06 Jun 2023

'Rather than have people accidentally fall into our industry, we want them to choose us by recognising that there are financial rewards, there is often travel involved, and the industry is full of interesting people...' — Ross Moloney, CEO. #GLAD2023

07:35, 06 Jun 2023

Have you ever or would you like to be audited by @LEEA_INT Here to tell us more is Robert (Rory) Rorison And it's not as painful as you think! Retweeted by LEEA

13:37, 05 Jun 2023